Nalu Silver Bangle

Nalu Silver Bangle


A sterling silver bangle, designed to by Nalu. Keep your favorite travel memories close through this beautiful surf jewellery.


This gorgeous solid sterling silver bangle is designed to work with all our Nalu Silver and Glass beads. Wear it by itself of use our Nalu Stopper Beads to hold beads in place. Hand made from Sterling 925 silver and finished with unique Nalu turquoise stones in each end.

Bangle sizes vary but are flexible to secure around most wrists. You will need to buy our Nalu Silver Stopper beads if you wish to wear your beads on this bracelet. Please note that our tube shaped beads (Perfect Wave, Coastline Beads) do not fit onto this bangle due the curve of the bangle.

Each nalu Silver bangle is individually hand made so please expect variations, this is what makes your Nalu unique!