Girl wearing amber glass beads on sterling silver hoop earrings at the beach Crow Point.

Silver Earrings

Sterling silver hoop and thread earrings to customise and make your own.


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Dark hair woman wearind small silver hoop earrings with amber glass baeds and matching fine cord necklace with sand pebble, on Crow Point beach North Devon.Woman wearing a hat and large silver hoop earrings with pale pink beach drop glass bead on Croyde Bay beach.
Mint sea glass beads strung on silver thread earrings with matching necklace.Mint sea glass beads strung on silver thread earrings with matching necklace.
Colour Drop Hoop EarringsTeal, pink, purple, yellow, orange, blue small glass beads on silver hoop earrings.
Colour Drop Hoop Earrings Sale price£35.00

Customisable Silver Earrings

Discover our growing collection of sterling silver earrings that can be personalised especially for you! 

The beauty of our hoop earrings is that you can mix and match the beads and swap them out or add more to match your outfit or your mood! Whilst our thread earring beads can’t be switched out, you still get to personalise them by picking the beach sand and glass colour.

Made in North Devon

We hand make your beads to order using lampwork techniques in our studio in Braunton, North Devon. Every sand bead will be completely unique as each pinch of sand reacts differently to the lamp worked glass.