Made By The Sea

How we make our beads…

Each nalu bead has a story…

Our beads are inspired by surf spots, beaches and coastlines we know about or the special places you tell us about. Sometimes it’s the colours - the sky, the sea, the coastline - that characterise a break or beach. Sometimes it’s the feel or mood of a place.

Once we’ve got the vibe, we get to work on our designs to come up with the perfect nalu bead that reflects the place. With the design in place, this is where every nalu sets off on its voyage.

The glass we use comes from Murano, a small island near Venice which, for centuries, has had a reputation for being home to some of the world’s finest glass makers. The colours are hand mixed so that no two batches of glass are ever the same. Every combination of colour produces a different effect, creating an organic quality that gives the Nalu bead its distinctive appearance.

We have a small studio in Braunton, North Devon, where we make all our glass beads and silver sand jewellery. If you are in the area we would love to invite you in to explore the world of Nalu and watch us make the beads!

We also have a small team of talented glass outworkers, dotted around the UK, who help us make glass bead stock for our stockists.

And so, back to us in the UK, across the oceans that connect us all, where the next instalment of the nalu bead’s journey begins…with you.