Product Information


All of the products in our Sand Bead Collection are made to order. We take your chosen shade of glass and roll just a sprinkle of sand from your chosen beach into the glass whilst it's still molten, it is then encased with more glass. Each grain of sand from each different beach will have a unique reaction, some burn and create bubbles and some remain as grains within the glass. Each sand bead is entirely unique!


Each one of our Silver Beads and Charms have been designed in our studio in North Devon where we draw inspiration from our local coastlines and around the world. We work closely with our Silver Manufacturers to get the best quality products possible! Every piece is made from solid sterling silver with some pieces coated in an extra layer of silver to give them a super shiny finish!

We have designed each piece to be compatible with all Nalu silver, leather, cork and rubber bracelets as well as all our custom braided jewellery.



Our Silver Bracelet/Anklet/Necklace range combine Plaited Leather, Rolled Leather, Rubber, Silver and Cork carriers fixed with bespoke Nalu Sterling Silver end caps. Each piece is fitted with a Silver end engraved with ‘nalu’ which will unscrew to allow you to add your favourite beads to the carrier.

Our carriers are designed to fasten securely with our Silver Clasps.

We do advise that you don’t wear your Nalu jewellery in the sea, swimming pool or shower as being exposed to moisture can shorten the life of some of the natural materials causing them to rot and eventually break and we wouldn’t want you to loose your beads!

Try to keep your jewellery clean and dry and please be aware that exposing any natural products such as leather and cork to lotions/perfumes can cause them to break down and rot.



Our silver bangles are hand made from a solid sterling silver with turquoise stone set into each end…these are bespoke for Nalu! 

The diameter of the silver angle is about 3mm to allow our beads to fit onto it comfortably, please note that up to three beads will fit onto the bangle but you will need to purchase a set of our Silver Stopper beads to hold them in place. 

Due to curvature of these bangles, our tube shaped beads such as the Silver Coastline and Perfect Wave beads will not fit onto them.

The bangles only come in one size, about 17cm, that will fit most wrist sizes and can be squeezed or opened to adjust the size.



Since January 2018 we have moved all manufacture of our glass beads back to the UK. We have a small team of very skilled lamp workers who are situated all over the UK as well as our in-house glass studio where we make all our limited edition and bespoke beads.

Each one of our glass collection beads is individually hand made which is why every single Nalu bead is completely unique.

We use Venetian Murano glass…the best in the world…to make our beads. It is renowned for it beautiful reactions when melted, it’s beautiful lustre and longevity.

Our beads are annealled…this means that once the bead has been made it is placed in a kiln overnight to slowly lower its temperature and ensure that is super strong and will, hopefully, last forever!


Glass Bead Dimensions:

Diameter : 16.5mm  

Width : 9.5mm

Inner Hole Diameter : 4mm

Please note that these dimensions will vary ever so slightly due to the nature of the making process.



We can make any glass bead in our range to specific requirements if needed…you might want one made in a mini version or maybe you need the bead hole to be a bit bigger that our standard size to fit some jewellery you already own…we will do our best to get you the bead you need, just drop us an email at and we’ll be more than happy to help.



Our cords are made from a faux suede PU material and are completely animal friendly!

These 3m reels are the perfect length to make most Nalu jewellery.  You will need a 2m and 1m piece to make a bracelet or anklet…you might need a bit more if you want to braid a necklace. We can cut these cords to any length you need…just drop us an email at and we’ll be more than happy to help you out!



Our leather wraps are 80cm long, 4mm wide and 1.5mm thick. They have been cut at the end that has been stamped with ‘discover, explore, nalu’. 

Please note!!! Our tube shaped beads such as the Silver Coastline beads and the Perfect Wave might not fit onto the wraps due their shape. 

This is a natural leather product so we do advise that you keep it clean and dry to extend the longevity of its life.  Apply a leather balm to keep it supple and protect the leather.



Please note that we make these beads in house and tumble them to give them a frosted sea glass effect.

Sea Glass Spacer Bead Dimensions:

Diameter : 14mm

Width : 8.2mm

Inner Hole Diameter : 4mm



We make up all custom jewellery bespoke to your requirements.  We use our faux sued cords to braid our jewellery which are free from animal products.

We make our jewellery to the standard lengths below but we can make up your piece to any length you want!


Bracelet : 21cm (adjustable up to 25cm)

Anklet : 25cm (adjustable up to 30cm)

Necklace : 35cm (adjustable up to 40cm)


If you would like any specific design or style, please email us at and we’ll be more than happy to help!