Green, blue and purple glass beads worn on silver snake chain bracelet by surfer girl at beach in teal bikini.

Silver Bracelet & Anklets

A collection of readymade bracelets and carriers to build your unique jewellery.


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Nalu Silver Bangle with FREE Nalu Stopper BeadsNalu Silver Bangle with FREE Nalu Stopper Beads
Stainless Steel BangleStainless Steel Bangle
Stainless Steel Bangle Sale price$27.92
Silver Tulang Naga BraceletSilver Tulang Naga Bracelet
Silver Tulang Naga Bracelet Sale priceFrom $53.74
Silver Tulang Naga AnkletSilver Tulang Naga Anklet
Silver Tulang Naga Anklet Sale price$75.25
Silver Snake Chain BraceletSilver Snake Chain Bracelet
Silver Snake Chain Bracelet Sale priceFrom $64.50
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Black Plaited Leather & Silver BraceletBlack Plaited Leather & Silver Bracelet
Black Plaited Leather & Silver Bracelet Sale priceFrom $15.07 Regular price$23.61
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Pink Plaited Leather & Silver BraceletPink Plaited Leather & Silver Bracelet
Pink Plaited Leather & Silver Bracelet Sale price$16.14 Regular price$23.61
Brown Plaited Leather & Silver BraceletBrown Plaited Leather & Silver Bracelet
Turquoise Plaited Leather & Silver BraceletTurquoise Plaited Leather & Silver Bracelet
White Plaited Leather & Silver BraceletWhite Plaited Leather & Silver Bracelet
Save $7.47
Tan Plaited Leather & Silver BraceletTan Plaited Leather & Silver Bracelet
Tan Plaited Leather & Silver Bracelet Sale price$16.14 Regular price$23.61
Natural Leather & Silver BraceletNatural Leather & Silver Bracelet
Natural Leather & Silver AnkletNatural Leather & Silver Anklet
Save $10.70
Turquoise Rubber & Silver BraceletTurquoise Rubber & Silver Bracelet
Turquoise Rubber & Silver Bracelet Sale price$16.14 Regular price$26.84
Save $10.70
Grey Rubber & Silver BraceletGrey Rubber & Silver Bracelet
Grey Rubber & Silver Bracelet Sale price$16.14 Regular price$26.84
Natural Cork & Silver BraceletNatural Cork & Silver Bracelet
Natural Cork & Silver AnkletNatural Cork & Silver Anklet
Turquoise Cork & Silver BraceletTurquoise Cork & Silver Bracelet
Turquoise Cork & Silver AnkletTurquoise Cork & Silver Anklet
Mint Cork & Silver BraceletMint Cork & Silver Bracelet
Mint Cork & Silver AnkletMint Cork & Silver Anklet
Mint Cork & Silver Anklet Sale price$30.07
White Cork & Silver BraceletWhite Cork & Silver Bracelet
White Cork & Silver AnkletWhite Cork & Silver Anklet
Blue, amber and green beach sand beads on fine sterling silver chain bracelet. Made with grains of beach sand in the glass,Sterling silver fine chain bracelet with clear, lavender and apple green beach sand beads,on pebble on Croyde Bay. Handmade to order in North Devon.

Build Your Own Silver Charm Bracelets and Anklets

Collect our silver charms, glass destination beads and sand beads to make your own unique charm bracelets and anklets to represent and remember places special to you.

How to Wear

When picking a bracelet or anklet carrier, you have the option to wear them solo or adorn them with our collection of sterling silver charms or Murano glass beads and also choose your own fastening (not required for wraps). The beauty of Nalu jewellery is that it is interchangeable, so as your collection grows, you can match your jewellery to your outfit and mood! (note that our Beach Drop bracelets aren’t easily interchangeable, but you still get to make it totally your own and we will build it for you!)