Gold bangle with dark blue sand bead worn by girl on beach.

Surf Proof Gold & Silver Jewellery

Hard-wearing, tarnish-resistant IP ‘Gold’ and ‘Silver’ jewellery for long lasting shine.


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Stainless Steel BangleStainless Steel Bangle
Stainless Steel Bangle Sale price£25.95
Silver Ula BraceletSilver Ula Bracelet
Silver Ula Bracelet Sale price£35.00
Gold BangleGold Bangle
Gold Bangle Sale price£40.00
Stainless Steel Stopper BeadsStainless Steel Stopper Beads
Silver Shoreline NecklaceSilver Shoreline Necklace
Silver Shoreline Necklace Sale price£20.00
Gold Ula BraceletGold Ula Bracelet
Gold Ula Bracelet Sale price£40.00
Silver Ula NecklaceSilver Ula Necklace
Silver Ula Necklace Sale price£40.00
Gold Ula NecklaceGold Ula Necklace
Gold Ula Necklace Sale price£45.00
Gold Stopper BeadsGold Stopper Beads
Gold Stopper Beads Sale price£10.00
Gold Shoreline NecklaceGold Shoreline Necklace
Gold Shoreline Necklace Sale price£25.00

Waterproof Gold & Silver Jewellery

We are very pleased to bring you more ways to wear your Nalu with our range of IP gold and silver bracelets, bangles and necklaces. Wear with confidence in the sea knowing that they won’t lose their lustre (but please be careful not to lose your jewellery to the sea, we can’t guarantee that!)

What is IP Jewellery?

Ion plating or IP jewellery is one of the newest and most advanced plating processes in which the surface is treated with ion plating, a top layer of 18K gold or silver is applied to durable stainless steel jewellery. IP plating produces a harder and more durable coating than that produced by traditional plating methods (8 times more durable in fact!) making this range of jewellery water, sweat and heat resistant.It's also hypoallergenic, so it is definitely an excellent choice for anyone who has sensitive skin.

How to Wear

Our IP gold jewellery range is compatible with almost all of our glass and silver beads (excluding beach drop beads and for the bangle; tube-shaped silver charms too), so you can interchange your Nalu collection to match your moods and outfits! The chunky jewellery also looks great on its own and for layering with your other Nalu jewellery.

All of our IP gold and silver jewellery makes an affordable special gift for surfers and beach lovers.