Devon surf beads on grey cord bracelet worn by woman wearing brown knitted jumper on the beach.

Jewellery Repairs & Replacements

Restringing and rebraiding service to revive your Nalu.


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Jewellery remake with new cord.Jewellery remake with new cord.
Silk Necklace Restring
Silk Necklace Restring Sale price£5.00
Stainless Steel Stopper BeadsStainless Steel Stopper Beads
Stainless Steel Bangle ENDStainless Steel Bangle END
Gold Stopper BeadsGold Stopper Beads
Gold Stopper Beads Sale price£10.00

Revived with Love from Nalu

Need your Nalu Bead jewellery repaired, remade or replaced? You're in the right place.

Maybe your sand pebble, colour pop or colour drop silk necklace requires a restring or you fancy a different colour of silk cord? Maybe your braided bracelet needs a new lease of life or you have a collection of beads that you have been meaning to braid into a piece of jewellery but never got around to it? Whatever it is, send us your beads and we can make up or revive your jewellery for you.

If you need any advice, email us at or call us on 01271 817614