Nalu Silver Clasp

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This Nalu Clasp has been designed to hold our specially designed Nalu Silver and Leather bracelets and necklaces.

We not only wanted the bracelets to carry both our beads and our new Silver collection but also be interchangeable and layered up, if so desired, so that you can wear multiple bracelets at one time.
The simple shape of this clasp was taken from our Nalu logo, a swirl, the clasp is a flowing oval with a central opening that uses a spring system to allow the bracelet carriers to be looped on securely. On the opposite side of the opening is our Nalu logo, which is raised.

The clasp is made from 925 sterling silver. Length 21mm, width 14mm, thickness 2.75mm.

Inspired by oceans, mountains and our love of travel each silver bead/fastener has been thoughtfully designed in our studio in North Devon, UK. All our pieces are made from solid sterling 925 silver and have been polished until sparkling!