Nalu Silver Stopper Charm Beads

Sale price£19.95

These Silver Stopper beads have been designed to hold your beads in place and to stop them from moving up and down the carrier. They are sold in packs of two.

The Nalu stopper beads are made from 925 sterling silver with a Nalu Swirl engraving and has a rubber gromit inside and placed either side of a bead keeps it secure. Unlike many other jewellery companies our Nalu silver stopper works with all of our carriers and works with both our silver and glass beads.

Each bead has a diameter of 9mm.

These little stoppers will fit over the ends of all our silver carriers, they need to be a tight fit to stay in place when they're on the carrier. You might need to give them a little twist when pushing them over the screw end.