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Joss Bay Bead

Joss Bay Bead


A gorgeous glass charm souvenir inspired by surfing at Joss Bay, Kent. Collect our handmade Murano glass beads and create beautifully unique surf style jewellery.


Joss Bay is situated halfway between Broadstairs and Margate. It is Kent’s best known surf beach. This beautiful sandy beach is sheltered by steep chalk cliffs. It was named after an 18th century smuggler Joss Snelling.

The rolling sea and dramatic surrounding cliffs inspired our beautiful Joss Bay bead. We have created this by making a bead in transparent aqua murano glass and then wrapping a layer of light ivory glass is around the center. The glass is carefully pierced under immense heat and then layer of aqua glass placed on top to produce beautiful dots with bubbles inside, which represent the waves rolling up the shore. We’ve even added a little sparkle to reflect the sun shimmering on the sea.

Each Nalu Bead is individually hand made so please expect each bead to have variations in colour and pattern, this is what makes your Nalu Bead unique!