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Sussex Beach Collection

Inspired by the coastal scenery of Sussex. Celebrate your favourite places with our collection of handmade Murano glass charm beads to wear as keepsake jewellery.
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Glass & Silver Jewellery Inspired by Sussex

This beautiful glass charm bead collection has been designed to represent the coastal towns of Sussex.

Our Murano glass beads are inspired by the scenery, flora and fauna.

Each of our lamp worked glass charm beads are handmade in our studio in North Devon.

All of our glass charms are compatible with our range of carriers and accessories; these are necklaces, bracelets and anklets. You can thread your beads on to any of our silver or steel bangles, leather, cork or rubber bracelets and anklets or necklaces. Plus, you can braid your own jewellery using our colourful faux suede cord reels.

Nalu is all about creating stories, and our story is our journey to create glass beads, silver charms and jewellery as beautiful keepsakes. Collect memories of your favourite places and build your own unique jewellery.