Welsh Beach Sand Beads

Sale price£14.95

You've spent hours soaking in your favourite Welsh beaches or surfing the best spots and now you can keep a bit of that beach with you forever! We've collected just a tiny pinch of sand from Rest Bay, Freshwater East, Tenby and Swansea Bay just to name a few and rolled it into a Nalu!

Don't worry if your favourite beach is not on here yet..we'll be exploring and collecting all summer! If you just can't wait...head on over to our bespoke Beach Bead page & send us your own sand!

There are eight lush glass colours to choose from so pick your favourite from Apple Green, Grey, Baby Blue, Lavender, Sea Glass Green, Amber, Dark Blue or Clear. Each pinch of sand will react differently so every bead will be completely unique!

PLEASE NOTE: We make these Beach sand Beads up to order so PLEASE ALLOW UP TO ONE WEEK FOR DELIVERY ...please contact us if you have any questions! Individually hand made in Devon, UK!