Glass beads on yellow bracelet inspired by travels

2024's Hottest Jewellery Trends

We’ve had our beady finger on the jewellery fashion pulse and picked out 8 of 2024’s hottest jewellery trends.

Whether you are looking for a piece to make your outfit or some staples that reflect your story and personality  - we’ve got some inspo for you.

Cuff Love

Luar, Tory Burch, Blumarine, Louis Vuitton, Giorgio Armani have gone wild for cuffs - just to name a few giants in the industry. Our bangles in IP gold, sterling silver and stainless steel, work as a cuff - choose to adorn them with a stack of beads or keep it more delicate with a trio of mini coastline beads or a singular bead. The beauty of these is that they are interchangeable so you match your outfit and your mood.

Choker Revival

Chokers are very much back on the agenda for 2024. Every recent jewellery collection includes at least one. Uma Thurman and Margot Robbie have been donning them on the red carpet.

Here at Nalu, we can get as bold or subtle as you like - go big with a custom multi-bead braided choker, a simple bead or two on a cord choker or even our new surf-proof gold shoreline and silver shoreline necklaces which can be worn as a loose choker chain.

An Artistic Eye

Artist collabs are nothing new to us at Nalu - but now, the fashion industry has caught up!

A few months ago we released a fresh artist collab bead with Gemma Lessinger - Breaking Wave at Watergate Bay which joined our hugely popular Fistral Shoreline and The Power of Polzeth. And just dropping is our brand new artist collab with local North Devon artist Steve Peepee.

We work closely with these talented beings to produce beads that represent their masterpieces.

All Over The Anklet

The humble anklet is once again back on the years’ hottest jewellery trends. Heaps of high-fashion ankle activity has been happening thanks to designers such as Paco Rabanne and Miu Miu.

This shoe-adjacent jewellery trend is easy to incorporate into your 2024 accessories lineup: opt for something sleek and simple like our simple sterling silver Tulang Naga Anklet or Natural Leather & Silver Anklet with a silver charm bead. We love these with our tube coastline beads or jazz things up with a colourful cork or leather wrap or custom anklet and adorn with our Venetian glass beads.

The Ocean Influence

We think we can all agree that Nalu has this trend nailed!

Pops of oceanic blue feature in Bottega Veneta, Versace, and Ferragamo collections, which we, of course, have in firm supply. Go all out with your oceanic vibe with a blue carrier or wrap and adorn with blue beads, or pay homage to the trend with a gorgeous blue glass sand pebble on a gold necklace.

Jumping through Hoops

The popularity of hoop earrings knows no bounds, revisited and updated season after and season with new proportions and embellishments.

We don’t think you can go too far wrong with the classic hoop - with a  personal Nalu touch - embellish them with multiple colour drop beads or interchange singular beach drop beads telling a story of your favourite sand spots.

Chain Reaction

Alongside the hoop, the chain necklace is another timeless investment. From hefty silver hardware to delicate chokers, lashings of golden strands to opulent chains, the fash pack donned chain necklaces galore on the runway. 

Our new IP Gold & Silver Surf-Proof Jewellery Collection offers long-lasting shine that you can surf, shower and sweat in without tarnishing. We love layering our Shoreline & Ula Necklaces!

Slabs of Silver

Bold, beautiful silver jewellery had a major moment across the SS24 collections. 

Luckily at Nalu, we have enough sparkling sterling silver and now, our new IP silver to allow you to stack your silvers without breaking the bank!