Breaking Wave at Watergate Bay x Gemma Lessinger Art Bead

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Introducing our third collaboration bead with Cornish artist Gemma Lessinger.

Gemma's pieces are characterised by their myriad of colours and textured movements capturing aerial views of the Cornish shoreline.  Texture is her signature, using sea salt and sand in acrylic paint to build depth and movement to iconic wave breaks and beach locations.

We worked closely with Gemma to recreate her painting 'The Breaking Wave' into one of our iconic glass beads. This is the inspiration behind Gemma's painting, ....

Watergate Bay is a surfers paradise, with people crossing the globe to ride it's breaking waves.  Waiting patiently in the line up for the perfect set and their turn to take off.  this painting captures one such moment, the waters the brightest turquoise, a clean breaking wave rolling toward the shore.  
I have used re-purposed surfboard fibreglass to create the texture in the wave in this piece, along with sand from the beach to create the subtle texture in the ocean water.  

This bead has been made with a core of teal glass which we then roll over a few sprinkles of sand from Watergate Bay beach. We then encase the sandy core on one side with transparent teal and the other with a dark blue transparent glass before sprinkling the blue side with a dark blue enamel. A thin stringer of white glass is wrapped around the centre of the bead before being sprinkled with white enamel giving the appearance of the waves breaking out of the deep waters of Watergate onto the shore.