Coastal Spring at Woolacombe X Steve PP Art Bead

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Introducing our latest collaboration with our good friend and wonderfully talented artist Steve PP.

Steve PP is a North Devon artist who lives in the beautiful seaside village of Woolacombe, in the South West of the UK.

Steve creates vibrant, colourful landscape paintings in a contemporary coastal impressionist style. Painting direct from nature out on the coast, pushing colour to create paintings that celebrate the connection with nature that makes us all feel good. Putting us all in a tangible connection with our happy place.

Steve specialises in searching for fresh views and compositions by walking and exploring the coast every day. One of the many rewards of being a North Devon artist. He also enjoys travelling and painting new locations lit by strong sunlight.

We worked closely with Steve PP to create a trio of beads inspired by some of his most popular art works.

Our Coastal Spring at Woolacombe beads has been created using a mixture of frit (tiny shards of glass) representing the colours that Steve has used in his painting. We start by making a white bead which is then rolled over these shards and melt them in to represent the flowers. Each of these beads will be entirely unique to the nature of the randomness of the shards melting into the surface of the bead.

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