The Power Of Polzeath x Gemma Lessinger Art

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Introducing our second collaboration bead with Cornish artist Gemma Lessinger.

Gemma's pieces are characterised by their myriad of colours and textured movements capturing aerial views of the Cornish shoreline.  Texture is her signature, using sea salt and sand in acrylic paint to build depth and movement to iconic wave breaks and beach locations.

We worked closely with Gemma to recreate her painting 'The Power Of Polzeath' into one of our iconic glass beads. This is the inspiration behind Gemma's painting, 'The Power Of Polzeath'...

"This piece focuses on the sheer power found in the waves at Polzeath. I sat and watched them for hours this day, crashing against the rocks below Tristram. The colours that are created in the water around the white wash were stunning and I wanted to show every hue of them in this piece. I have created the high build texture in this using sand and sea salt - not only are these perfect for natural depth, they also link back to my subject matter in a perfect syncronisity.

To replicate this piece we choose a deep turquoise glass for top two thirds of the bead and a glass called New Ivory for the bottom third. This New Ivory glass will change in colour for every bead we make, they will all be a dark mixture of brown and ivory but they will all be different. The bead is the rolled in white enamel glass shards which are then melted in. When the bead has been annealed and cleaned we put it in our tumbler machine to give a textured matte finish.