The Cream Tea Bead

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So...what goes on your scones first?? The cream or the jam 🤔

Last summer we had the old...which way is right argument...we didn't find an answer but we did come up with a new bead!

We have a lot of crazy ideas here at Nalu HQ but this one actually turned out quite well and made us giggle!

So for a bit of fun, here it is...the Nalu Cream Tea bead! The question is...which one are you rooting for...Devon or Cornwall??

So you can choose to wear your bead cream first...the Devon way...or jam first...the Cornish way!

Either way cream teas are delicious and these beads are just a bit of fun! We have used a glass called Banana Cream for the 'scone' which is then decorated with a sprinkling of frit and piped with a filling of clotted cream and strawberry jam. Yum..enjoy! 

Choose your preference: Devon - Cream First