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International Beach Sand Beads

International Beach Sand Beads


Our International Beach Sand Beads are made with a pinch of sand melted into them from your favourite beaches around the world. Wear your travels as jewellery every day!


We all love a holiday abroad and over the years we've had some little sand donations to our Sand Library! As usual these are TINY pinches of sand that people have carried back in the bottom of their suitcases! 

If you sand is not here, you can head over to our BESPOKE Sand Bead page and send us your own.

There are eight lush glass colours to choose from so pick your favourite from Apple Green, Grey, Baby Blue, Lavender, Sea Glass Green, Amber, Dark Blue or Clear. Each pinch of sand will react differently so every bead will be completely unique!

PLEASE NOTE: We make these Beach sand Beads up to order so PLEASE ALLOW UP TO ONE WEEK FOR DELIVERY...please contact us if you have any questions! Individually hand made in Devon, UK!

Individually hand made in Devon, UK!

Please be aware that your Beach Sand Bead is going to be entirely unique and may not look like the bead in the product photograph. Each pinch of sand from every beach is entirely different as it is composed of different natural elements. Some elements will cause a reaction that creates bubbles, some just burn up and it’s difficult to get a lot of grains to show. We are sometimes limited by the amount of sand we can encase in a bead due to these reactions as they may cause weaknesses in the bead which can lead to cracking. Unfortunately we have no control over how the sand may react in each bead we make so please expect a variety of variations in your bead due to the nature of us adding a natural inconsistent material to extreme heat in molten glass. We can however guarantee that each bead is individual and made with love.