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Silver Mountain Bracelet

Silver Mountain Bracelet


Treat for yourself to one of these limited edition Silver Mountain Bracelets! The perfect gift for those who love a mountain adventure!


ThisĀ limited edition SilverĀ Mountain Bracelet comes on theĀ Tropical Leather Wrap with the Silver MountainĀ bead.

Our TropicalĀ Leather Wraps can be cut to fit any size wrist, you simply wrap them on and trim to fit. These wraps are hand painted so each piece will be entirelyĀ unique.

Our SilverĀ MountainĀ bead is made from solid sterling silver and isĀ a little barrel tube in the shape of a breaking wave.

This wrap set will come complete and ready to wear as a bracelet or anklet.

The leather is 80cm in length, 4mm wide and 1.5mm thick. Each piece will vary in the pattern and colours due to the nature of the hand dying procedure.

Leather is a natural product and will rot if exposed to moisture. We advise that you donā€™t wear it in the shower/swimming/surfing or expose to perfumes or lotions.