Cornish beads in shades of blue on turquoise macrame chocker necklace.

Scottish Surf Collection

Jewellery to capture Scotland’s towering mountains, glittering lochs, dense woodlands and miles of golden beaches.


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Silver Sand Pebble Necklace - Baby BlueSilver Sand Pebble Necklace - Baby Blue
Silver Sand Pebble Necklace - Dark BlueSilver Sand Pebble Necklace - Dark Blue
Silver Sand Pebble Necklace - Sea Glass GreenSilver Sand Pebble Necklace - Sea Glass Green
Silver Sand Pebble Necklace - Apple GreenSilver Sand Pebble Necklace - Apple Green
Silver Sand Pebble Necklace - LavenderSilver Sand Pebble Necklace - Lavender
Silver Sand Pebble Necklace - AmberSilver Sand Pebble Necklace - Amber
Sand Pebble Necklace - ClearSand Pebble Necklace - Clear
Sand Pebble Necklace - Dark BlueSand Pebble Necklace - Dark Blue
Sand Pebble Necklace - Baby BlueSand Pebble Necklace - Baby Blue
Sand Pebble Necklace - Pale PinkSand Pebble Necklace - Pale Pink
Sand Pebble Necklace - LavenderSand Pebble Necklace - Lavender
Sand Pebble Necklace - Apple GreenSand Pebble Necklace - Apple Green
Sand Pebble Necklace - AmberSand Pebble Necklace - Amber
Sand Pebble Necklace - GreySand Pebble Necklace - Grey
Sand Pebble Necklace - Grey Sale price£25.00
Sand Pebble Necklace - Sea Glass GreenSand Pebble Necklace - Sea Glass Green
Isle Of Jura BeadIsle Of Jura Bead
Isle Of Jura Bead Sale price£12.95
Isle Of Arran BeadIsle Of Arran Bead
Isle Of Arran Bead Sale price£12.95
St Andrews BeadSt Andrews Bead
St Andrews Bead Sale price£12.95
Shetland Islands BeadShetland Islands Bead
Shetland Islands Bead Sale price£12.95
Oban BeadOban Bead
Oban Bead Sale price£12.95
Pease Bay BeadPease Bay Bead
Pease Bay Bead Sale price£12.95
Tiree BeadTiree Bead
Tiree Bead Sale price£12.95
Orkney BeadOrkney Bead
Orkney Bead Sale price£12.95
Machrihanish Bead, CampbeltownMachrihanish Bead, Campbeltown

Surf Jewellery Inspired by Scotland

Love Scotland? You've come to the right place!

Our Scottish Jewellery Collection is bursting with Murano glass beads, silver charms, bracelets and more, all inspired by Scotland's incredible coastline and scenery.

Collect your memories of Scotland and keep them close. Build your own unique keepsake surf and beach-inspired jewellery.

Each of our lamp worked glass charm beads are handmade in our studio in North Devon and our sterling silver jewellery is designed here too.

Made in North Devon

Each bead is handmade using lampwork techniques in our studio in Braunton, North Devon.  We try our very best to keep the patterns on our beads as consistent as possible but due to the nature of each one being individually handmade and the reactions of certain elements, such as sand, please expect there to be small variations in each bead… This is what makes your Nalu unique!

How to Wear

Nalu Beads’ jewellery is all about building your own unique pieces. Our beads can be collected and braided into bracelets, anklets, necklaces and keyrings using our vegan faux suede cord collection. We can do this for you for a small fee or you can create your own using our video tutorials.

Alternatively, choose from our collection of carriers, including sterling silver or ‘gold’ collections of bracelets, anklets, necklaces, steel bangles and leather and cork wraps. The beauty of these carriers is that your jewellery is interchangeable, so as your collection grows, you can match your jewellery to your outfit and mood!

Our Murano glass beads can also be customised to be compatible with other popular 

charm jewellery systems.