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Towan Beach Bead- Newquay

Towan Beach Bead- Newquay


A glass bead inspired by the surf at Towan Beach in Newquay, Cornwall. Collect our glass charms and create surf charm bracelets, necklaces and jewellery.


Towan Beach is located at the bottom of a very steep hill in the heart of Newquay, Cornwall. Newquay is one of the liveliest resorts in Cornwall and is buzzing through the summer months. This is a lovely sandy beach which opens up to Tolcarne and Great Western at low tide.

We’ve used a special turquoise marble glass to make the Towan Beach bead which represents the foaming sea and fluffy clouds in the blue skies. A stringer of ivory, silver leaf and yellow is then wrapped around and melted in depicting the colours of the sand against the sea and sky, a single wave is then twisted in the middle.

Each Nalu Bead is individually hand made so please expect each bead to have variations in colour and pattern, this is what makes your Nalu Bead unique!