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Praa Sands Bead

Praa Sands Bead


A glass surf bead inspired by the surf and scenery at Praa Sands Beach, Cornwall. Collect our lampwork glass charms and create unique surf necklaces and jewellery.


The long, wide, white, south facing sands of Praa Sands (pronounced “pray”) nestle in a sheltered spot within Mount’s Bay. You’ll be amazed at how the bright the gorgeous white sand of this bay really is! There is plenty of beach here with plenty to explore! This fast, tubular beach break is lucky to get the largest waves for the area, making it a popular spot when on.

The ivory of this bead represents this long stretch of beach with the contrasting line of the turquoise of the sea and deep blue puddles of sky.

Each Nalu Bead is individually handmade so please expect there to be variations in patterns and colours, this is what makes your Nalu Bead unique.