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Teal and yellow Murano glass bead with bubbles in glass for Mothecombe beach South Devon.

Mothecombe Beach


This beautiful glass bead is inspired by Mothecombe Beach (Meadowsfoot Beach) in South Devon.


Mothecombe Beach is lovely sandy beach near Plymouth, South Devon. This is the perfect spot away from the summer crowds for a dip in the sea and a relaxing day on the beach.

Our Mothecombe beach bead is inspired by the beautiful teal waters and golden grasses amongst the sands of this beach. The core of the bead is made with white glass which is sprinkled with a tiny bit of bicarb before being encased with half light amber and half teal glass. When this glass is heated the bicarb reacts within the glass creating bubbles.

Each one of these Mothecombe Beach Nalu Beads are individually handmade in our workshop in North Devon so please expect there to be variations in every bead. This is what makes your Nalu unique.