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South Devon Coastline Bead (Wembury - Thurlestone)

South Devon Coastline Bead (Wembury - Thurlestone)


A silver memento charm bead for South Devon, UK showing the coastline of the county. Remember your favourite county surf spots through this beautiful surf jewellery.


We are surrounded by fantastic coastline and wanted to represent on a piece of jewellery the shape of the sea meeting the land. We took one piece of coastline from each county by studying maps and reduced it until it could fit perfectly onto a small bead. The tube shape was the best way to show the line, which is engraved and then repeated on the other side. The brushed silver representing the land and the polished the sea.

This South Devon coastline bead takes the outline of the coast from Wembury up to Thurlestone.

This piece measures 17mm in length and 5mm in diameter. It has been designed to work with our range of Nalu bracelets and carriers. Made with Sterling 925 Silver.

Inspired by oceans, mountains and our love of travel each silver bead/fastener has been thoughtfully designed in our studio in North Devon, UK. All our pieces are made from solid sterling 925 silver and have been polished until sparkling!