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Fistral Beach Bead

Fistral Beach Bead


Fistral Beach in Newquay, Cornwall serves as inspiration for this Murano Glass bead. A beautiful keepsake, this glass charm can be used to make unique surf jewellery.


Britain’s surfing capital, hosting most of the major UK comps. Famous for its big waves, and huge clean swells, best in offshore winds and at low tide. Often very crowded, particularly in the summer. Popular amongst beginners, although interesting for improvers as well, Check out the south end for a mellower vibe.

Inspired by a gorgeous summers day sunset. Little orange and pink fluffy clouds against bright blue skies and the yellow dot representing the setting sun on the horizon.

Each Nalu Bead is individually handmade so please expect there to be variations in patterns and colours, this is what makes your Nalu Bead unique.