The Cribbar Bead

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The Cribbar (also know as the widow maker!) is a reef off the Towan headline in Newquay, Cornwall. The Cribber creates annual BIG waves that see big wave surfers from around the world gather to surf waves around 30ft in height! It is believed that Ric Friar was the first person to surf it back in 1966.

Our collection of BIG wave beads have been created using a technique referred to as ‘gravity’ beads. The glass is heated to such a high temperature that you are then able to mix and swirl the glass together creating beautiful patterns. These patterns represent the powerful swirling and tumbling of enormous waves when they hit shallow off shore reefs. Although the same colour glass has been used for each bead, the technique makes each bead completely unique. We’ve added a little sparkle to portray the magic and excitement of watching BIG waves!