Colourful transparent glass beads on fine silver chain bracelet, each bead containing grains of beach sand from your chosen beach.

Sand Jewellery

Pinches of sand melted into Murano glass beads for you to wear your favourite beach everyday.


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Bespoke Beach Sand Glass Beads & Jewellery

Memories from your favourite beach rolled into a glass bead.

Explore our gorgeous sand bead jewellery collection of individual sand beads, Beach Drop Jewellery and Sand Pebble Necklaces, with more to come!

Simply choose sand from our huge sand library, procured from various beaches from around the UK and the world, or you can even send us your own sand.

Made in North Devon

Each sand bead is handmade to order especially for you using lampwork techniques in our studio in Braunton, North Devon. Your sand bead(s) will be totally unique due to how the sand reacts to the glass and because each one is individually handmade.