Wet Dog X Nalu - New Norfolk Surf Beads

Wet Dog X Nalu - New Norfolk Surf Beads

We teamed up with Norfolk local legendary surf shop, Wet Dog, based at Cromer and Wells Next The Sea to create unique Murano glass beads to represent these stunning surf spots and their scenery.

Since 2012 Wet Dog Surf Shop has been looking after the needs of keen surfers, paddle boarders, swimmers and body boarders. They support all major brands (including Nalu Beads!) and offer swimwear, wetsuits, clothing and accessories. 

“We love the area and have seen many changes in the coastline over the years and are stoked to now have a great range of Nalu Beads representing all our beautiful beach/surf destinations.”Phil and Kay, Wet Dog Owners.

Wells Next The Sea, Norfolk - Nalu Beads

Wells Next The Sea

North Norfolk is blessed with a stunning coastline that varies so much from one location to another including forests, cliffs, dunes, marshes and sandy beaches.

In Wells Next The Sea the tide can go out for miles leaving a vast expanse of light golden sand but then can also come right into the harbour wall covering the marshland that separates the beach from the town in its entirety and becomes this beautiful mass of vibrant blue water.

Set on the edge of the beach and a mile or so from the town is the beautiful pine forest with its mass of dark green trees that provide a stunning contrast to the golden beach, clear sky and blue sea.

Standing in the middle of the beach near the dunes, you have this feeling of ‘openness’ and a 360 degree turn gives such a mix of colours, feelings and emotions, so is truly a wonderful beach location.

Cromer, Norfolk - Nalu Beads

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Cromer is famous for its Pier that stretches out from the promenade and over the beach, which, depending on the tide, is made up of large stones (when the tide is in) and then from the edge of the stones an expanse of dark golden sand takes you to the water's edge (when the tide is out).

To the sides of the picturesque town itself, gorse-covered cliffs offer an amazing green backdrop to the grey of the stones and gold of the sand. Add to this, the regular splashes of brown that are dotted along the seemingly never ending coastline of the wooden groynes and you have a great mix of colours and views that really stimulate body and mind.

The sea here varies in colour depending on the time of year and can be a gorgeous deep blue or indeed thick brown/grey in the winter months, each as beautiful as the other (but the latter offers better waves!).

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