5 Jewellery Trends You Don't Want To Miss This Summer

5 Jewellery Trends You Don't Want To Miss This Summer



Collage of 3 images of Nalu Beads jewellery; wrap anklet, silver thread earrings, bead necklace


It’s official, beads are back and in a big way for summer 2023. Fashion first mags like Elle have called out beads as a serious trend for the season.

Personalised beads have been highlighted as a top trend - so look no further than our bespoke sand beads and NEW colour drops or even our classic collection of destination beads thread or braided on a necklace, bracelet or anklet.

Beaded jewellery is always a hot look in the summer and let’s face it, who does beads better than Nalu Beads!

Silver snake chain with colourful Murano glass beads from Nalu Beads

Top image:
From left to right: brown leather wrap with 
multiple surf beads, Beach Drop Silver Thread Earrings, multiple surf beads thread on faux suede cord.

Bottom image: 
Silver snake chain with Suffolk beads; Felixstowe, Southwald and Aldeburgh with Silver Stopper Beads.


Collage of bangles and bracelets by Nalu Beads - Summer jewellery trends 2023

Bangles aren’t new to the runways, however according to jewellery designer, Alexis Bittar, it’s all about creating a unique style. He suggests creating your own mini sculpture by stacking bangles and colours together.

Our stainless steel and silver bangles can be worn on their own or stacked with any of our surf, snow, charity, National Park, Colour Drop or Sand Beads, plus our silver stopper charms.

Stainless steel bangle with Polly Joke, Cornwall bead with stopper beads by Nalu Beads

Top collage image:
• Top left: 
silver bangle with multiple Murano glass bead charms and a leather and silver carrier bracelet with silver and glass beads fastened with a silver circle clasp.
• Top right: Stainless steel bangle with FREE stopper beads and 3 silver surf spacer beads
• Middle left: Stainless steel bangle with FREE stopper beads3 Colour Drop glass beads - these beads will be available to buy in packs soon!
• Bottom right: stainless steel bangle with FREE stopper beads and NEW coastline collection trio of beads - coming soon, with a turquoise leather wrap and silver North Devon coastline charm and silver spiral charm.
•Bottom left: silver bangle bangle with FREE silver stopper beads and Moguls snow beadSilver snake chain bracelet with silver compass charm and white leather and silver plaited bracelet with silver chime ball.

Bottom Image:
stainless steel bangle with FREE stopper beads Polly Joke bead

Big Hoop Earrings

Yellow Colour Drop Silver Hoop Earrings and small green Beach Drop hoop earrings by Nalu Beads

The ultimate timeless trend, big hoop earrings. 

Opt for the big silver hoops from our Beach Drop Collection which include grains of sand from your favourite beach melted into your choice of coloured Murano glass. 

Alternatively, check our new Colour Drop Collection - this mix and match jewellery range lets you swap and change the colours of your beads! AND coming soon, you can even buy a pack of colourful beads on their own to thread on to your hoops!

Colour Drop Silver Hoops by Nalu Beads

Top Image:
Left: Beach drop earrings and necklace
Right: Colour Drop silver hoops

Bottom Image:
Colour Drop silver hoops

Bright Colours

Collage of colourful Nalu Beads jewellery

Bright beautiful lively colours are right at the heart of Nalu Beads, so we have this trend nailed!

Crafted from the finest Venetian Murano glass in our Studio in North Devon, the sky's the limit when it comes to picking bold and beautiful coloured glass beads to adorn your jewellery. 

Designed to represent surfsnow, nature destinations and more, we have over 500 destination and keepsake beads to choose from. Plus we have a range of colour carriers to thread your beads on or wear solo such as bright leather, rubber and cork bracelets and wraps.

Designers behind Sorellina, Kim and Nicole Carosella remark that “The combination of opaque stones with translucent ones can really make a peice pop, like the juxtaposition of serene turquoise against bright pink gems. Summer is the perfect time of year to start introducing hints of colour and bring a bit of life into your wardrobe.”

 Colour Drop Necklaces - bright colours by Nalu Beads

Top image: 
Top left: 
Colour pop silk necklaces
• Top middle: Multiple beads braided on faux suede cord
• Top right:
 Silver Tulang necklace with multiple glass beads
• Bottom: Pink rubber anklet with 3 silver surf spacer beads

Bottom image:
Colour Drop silk necklaces


 Collage of silver and glass charm beads by Nalu Beads

The comeback king of jewellery trends, 2023 is calling charms back to the catwalk!

We love charms, they are personal, often telling a story - and that is exactly what Nale Beads is all about. 

Our silver charms capture coastlines, counties and the essence of nature, and of course our glass charms encapsulate your favourite places and beaches.

Collect them to stack them on a bracelet, necklace, or anklet and display what’s most important to you in a fun and flirty way.

Collage of Nalu Beads charms on bracelets, wraps bracelets and anklets

Pulling 2023 jewellery trends together

The beauty of Nalu is being able to create your own bespoke timeless jewellery. Our pieces are interchangeable; beads and charms can be braided into and thread on different types of jewellery and you can continue to add new beads, coloured cord wraps and so much more to your ever-changing collection.

Although you’ll never be out of style, 2023’s summer jewellery trends can be hit up all together when you wear your Nalu - let us inspire you…

Nalu Beads Jewellery - Summer Jewellery Trends 2023



Trends always come and go but personalised sentimental jewellery never goes out of style and nor does rocking it with confidence. Build and bold with your story with Nalu.

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