Yorkshire Coastline Beads

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Introducing our newest collection of Coastline Beads!

These trios of mini glass beads are inspired the colours of coastlines found along their respective counties and countries. Each bead has been made with a core of coloured glass wrapped with a silver stringer which splits once melted creating a unique wave pattern, this is then encased in clear glass.

The Yorkshire Coastline beads come in a set of three, one has a light periwinkle core, one bright red core and one dark grey core. These colours are inspired by the heather topped cliffs, grey stone harbours and red roofed houses.

These beads are much smaller than our standard Nalu bead size but are compatible with all our jewellery collections! Each bead is approximately 12mm in diameter and 6mm in width.

Add them to your current bracelet, pop them on a bangle, one of our silver collection bracelets or on a silver necklace.

How to wear your coastline beads...