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Sri Lanka Bead

Sri Lanka Bead


A lampwork glass bead inspired by surf trips to Sri Lanka. Collect our handmade glass charms to create travel charm bracelets and other surf travel jewellery.


Sri Lanka or Ceylon as it was formerly known is an extremely diverse country of many religions, ethnicities and languages. It floats directly off the South East coast of India in the Indian Ocean and has a wonderful array of waves suitable for every level of surfer.
It’s warm tropical waters and white sand beaches attract surfers and travelers from the world over. Sri Lanka boasts a variety of waves from perfect peeling point breaks to barreling shallow reefs. Its most popular areas for surfing are Hikkaduwa on the West Coast, Midigama on the South Coast and Aragum Bay on the East Coast depending on the time of the time of the year.

We try our very best to keep the patterns on our beads as consistent as possible but due to the nature of each one being individually handmade, please except there to be variations in each bead...this is what makes your Nalu unique!