National Lobster Hatchery Charity Bead

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Our newest charity bead representing the National Lobster Charity! Here's a little bit about the work they do...

“The NLH is a marine conservation, education and research charity based in beautiful Padstow and is one of the only conservation projects open to the public. With a focus on the European lobster, the charity exists primarily to help conserve the vulnerable lobster populations and preserve the coastal marine bio-diversity and fishing heritage of Cornwall.

Supporting the local fishing communities and the incredible native species The European Lobster, the charity operates a stock enhancement project, by raising baby lobsters through their most vulnerable life stages then releasing them into the wild. Working with a local network of fisherman, berried hens (pregnant lobsters) are brought into the hatchery’s maternity ward carrying up to 40,000 eggs under their tail. Once the eggs are hatched, the babies are raised by the onsite technicians using pioneering techniques to improve the survival rate of the hatching lobsters (roughly by 1000%), in their lobster nursery until they are ready to be released and take on the Cornish waters.”

We will be donating £2 from each sale of one of these beads to the charity.

We've use a core of dark blue transparent glass which is then rolled in a mixture of "Little Lobster Hatchling" frit - inspired by the colours of the little lobsters in their hatching tanks. The bead is then encased in clear glass to give the effect of the lobsters floating in the water.

Watch how we make our Lobster Bead HERE