Nalu Bead Palm

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We wanted to find the most tropical way possible for you to display your favourite beads 🌴 and here it is!

We have designed our Nalu Bead Palm to hold up to 15 beads with the 15cm trunk or 30 beads on the 30cm trunk. Your palm will come flat packed ready for you to fit together and add your beads, they also have little grooves cut into the top of the leaves for you to hang your bracelets and necklaces on.

Each palm is loving made by our friends at Cut By Beam in Falmouth.

Making your Nalu Bead Palm :

Your palm will arrive flat packed in 6 pieces - 2 x base islands, 2 x palm fronds, 1 x round cap and 1 x aluminium rod trunk.

Place the smaller island on top of the bigger island and insert the rod through both holes in the centre.

The fronds will slot into each other at the centre. You can then push the round cap up onto the fronds so that the four slots fit over each of the four fronds.

Add your beads to the rod and pop the fronds on top of the rod...your Nalu Bead Palm is complete!

* Beads and jewellery not included.

* Please note that the Palms don't fit into our gift boxes so will come wrapped instead.

Choose your trunk size:: 15 Bead Palm