Croyde Bay Bead

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Croyde Bay is a small village on the west-facing coastline of North Devon. Being our local (& secretly favourite!) surf was the first Nalu Bead to be designed! The sandy beach stretches for 800 metres and has a large dune system.

Croyde Bay is well known for its surf and surfing culture. It has consistent surf that works all year round. The rides can be short but super fun with some perfect barrels at low tide on the right day. There is a point break off Downend end of the beach and a reef break at the northern end, near Baggy point. Rip currents are very strong at Croyde due to its position and shape of the bay.

The Bead was inspired by the waves rolling into the bay. The bead is made of light turquoise glass with a series of ivory and turquoise dots running around each side of the bead, these are representative of Croydes unique ripping effects in the sand as the tide drops back leaving circular pool shapes all over the beach. It is finished with a line of clear glass wrapped around the bead inspired by the beaches consistent rolling waves.