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Deep dark blue glass bead with small islands beneath the surface, inspired by the island of Bali in Indonesia.

Bali Bead


Wear a keepsake charm from your surf trips in Bali as a bracelet, anklet or necklace. Jewellery inspired by your favourite beaches, islands, oceans & surf spots


Bali is one of over 13,000 islands in the Indonesian archipelago and is located just over 2 kilometres from the eastern tip of the island of Java and west of the island of Lombok. The islands varied landscape of hills and mountains, rugged coastlines and sandy beaches, lush rice terraces and barren volcanic hillsides provide a picturesque backdrop to the colourful and deeply spiritual culture of this 'Island of The Gods'.

Our beautiful Bali bead is inspired by the deep clear seas surrounding the island washing onto its white sand beaches. We have made the core of the bead in a dark brown glass which is then decorated with white dots layered with brown to create 'islands' the bead is then encased with a dark transparent turquoise glass.

Each Nalu Bead is individually handmade so please expect there to be variations in patterns and colours, this is what makes your Nalu Bead unique.