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Light blue sparkly bead decorated with clear glass and dots. This glass bead represents Anglesey in Wales.

Anglesey Bead


This beautiful Anglesey island murano glass bead is inspired by the glittering sea and is part of the Welsh surf jewellery collection from Nalu Beads.


Anglesey is an island off the northwest coast of Wales, it has some beautiful coastline, beaches and a number of historic attractions. It can be accessed from the mainland by the Menai suspension bridge. Anglesey is popular with walkers and cyclists and there are a number of surf spots.

Our beautiful Anglesey bead is inspired by the rolling waves of the sea and dramatic coastline. The centre of our bead is made with a speciality glass of turquoise marble, which has hues of light blues and greens. While the glass is hot is carefully rolled in some sparkle to represent the sunlight reflecting from the sea. The bead is then encased in clear glass which adds depth and decorated with dots of the turquoise marble.

Our Anglesey beads are made by Sarah in our studio in Braunton, North Devon.

We try our very best to keep the patterns on our beads as consistent as possible but due to the nature of each one being individually handmade, please except there to be variations in each bead...this is what makes your Nalu unique!