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Lennox Head

Lennox Head


A memento and keepsake of the popular Lennox Head surf spot. Inspired by the beautiful beach at Lennox Head in NSW Australia , Nalu Beads have designed a lampwork bead to remember the beautiful spot through surf jewellery.


The world class, right hand point break at Lennox Head is one of Australias most famous waves, consistently earning a place in the top 10 waves of Australias beaches. Sitting at the southern end of Seven Mile Beach, Lennox Head is known for its panoramic views and the annual Gromfest surfing contest!
Lennox head is the largest National Surfing Reserve in Australia running from the surf club south to Flat Rock.

We try our very best to keep the patterns on our beads as consistent as possible but due to the nature of each one being individually handmade, please except there to be variations in each bead...this is what makes your Nalu unique!