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Clovelly Bead

Clovelly Bead


This Murano glass charm bead is inspired by the historic coastal village of Clovelly on the North Devon coast. Collect to create beautiful keepsake jewellery.


Clovelly is a small harbour fishing village in the Torridge district of North Devon.The village is privately owned and renowned for its stunning scenery set into steep cliffs. It's little winding cobbled streets cannot be driven on, instead they use sleds to make deliveries! This ban on traffic makes for a peaceful relaxed atmosphere. Clovellys historic harbour is nestled at the bottom of the village where you'll find fishermen fixing their nets on the quay.

We wanted to capture the stunning backdrop of this historic fishing village with its steep cliffs, rolling green hills dotted with picturesque cottages and quaint cobbled streets. We decided on this beautiful transparent green Refresh glass which encases a New Ivory base bead. The bead is then decorated with a stringer of Dark Grey and pure silver to portray the cobbled road running down the centre of the village. Little grey dots are then scattered around the bead representing the pebble boulders beach at the bottom of the village.

These beads are individually handmade in our studio in Braunton, North Devon. Please expect there to be variations in our beads...this is what makes your Nalu Bead unique!