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Domburg Bead

Domburg Bead


A beautiful glass bead inspired by the surf and beach at Domburg, Netherlands. Collect our glass charms to create jewellery to remember your favourite places.


Domburg is a seaside town on the North Sea in the Netherlands. All the beaches at Domburg can be surfed and it has a surf school based there. Domburg is famous for the wooden breakers that stand in the sea. These are used to slow the current and to stop the sand washing away.

Our inspiration behind our Domburg bead was to capture the vibrant colours of the sandy beach on a sunny day against the wooden breakers at sea. We have achieved this by making a bead half in transparent aqua blue glass, representing the sea, and half in an opaque yellow to portay the sandy beaches. A thin layer of marble blue glass is then wrapped around the centre of the bead to divide the two colours. Thin lines of black are then placed horizontally around the bead to depict the breakers.

Each Nalu Bead is individually hand made so please expect each bead to have variations in colour and pattern, this is what makes your Nalu Bead unique!