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Rio De Janeiro Bead

Rio De Janeiro Bead


A keepsake travel charm inspired by the beautiful beaches of Rio in Brazil, Collect our glass beads to create travel bracelets and other surf travel jewellery.


Rio De Janeiro is the first South American bead to be released. Inspired by the Olympic Games being held here in 2016 and the announcement that surfing will become an Olympic sport in the next games!

Brazil’s vibrant culture,white sand beaches and turquoise waves have inspired the design of this bead. We started with a Lapis blue bead and then decorated it with waves of white and aqua glass around the middle. We then placed black dots around the bead representing the jutting rock mountains along this strip of coast.

Each Nalu Bead is individually handmade so please expect there to be variations in patterns and colours, this is what makes your Nalu unique.