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Hawaii Bead

Hawaii Bead


A glass travel charm to remember your surf trips to Hawaii. Collect to create surf jewellery; wear our lampwork glass beads on a necklace, anklet or necklace.


Hawaii "The Big Island" is the largest island located in the US State of Hawaii in the North Pacific Ocean. It is a diverse place from snady beaches and rainforests to volcanic terrain. Many of the beaches on the island are ideal for the experienced surfers although there are surf spots that will suit all. The northwest swell hits all sides of the island.
We had a great time bringing our Hawaiian Collection together! We chose influences from the sea and the surf to the lush fauna and flora of the islands. The official state flower is the Hibiscus but the flora of Hawaii is as diverse as the islands themselves.

This beautiful bead is made in opaque and translucent glass so that when you look into the glass it's like looking into the beautiful waters of Hawaii. The design of the waves represent the surf with the contrasting lime green bringing in the lush colours of the island.

We try our very best to keep the patterns on our beads as consistent as possible but due to the nature of each one being individually handmade, please except there to be variations in each bead...this is what makes your Nalu unique!