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Lavender Murano glass beads with bubbles within the glass inspired by the snow mountain resort of Aspen in the USA.

Aspen Bead


Add the Aspen glass bead to your travel charm bracelet to celebrate your trips to the snowy mountains. Wear your beads as keepsakes from trips worldwide.


Explore our Nalu Snow Collection! This range has been inspired by icy mountains and snow pistes from around the World!

The city of Aspen is situated between the Rocky and Elk Mountains in Colorado, USA. This former mining camp has taken its name from the many Aspen trees native to this area. In the mid 20th century the Aspen Mountain was developed into a ski resort and over the years has become a wealthy city full of boutiques, restaurants and bars with a bustling night life. The four ski areas of the resort are jointly known as the Aspen snowmass.

Wanting to capture the beautiful scenery and excitement of Aspen, we decided to make a bubble bead! Each bubble is completely unique as a secret ingredient has been added to the glass to cause a reaction. When the bead is heated, air bubbles form inside the glass. We’ve used this gorgeous dark lavender glass which is representative of the lights shining over this mountain city at night.

Each Nalu Bead is individually handmade so please expect there to be variations in patterns and colours, this is what makes your Nalu unique.