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cork wrap bracelet | anklet sterling silver surf beads

Silver Ripple & Swirl Cork Wrap


These limited edition Silver Ripple & Swirl Cork Wrap sets come in black, wine or teal. They come set up ready to wear and can be worn as a bracelet or anklet, one size fits all.


Introducing our Limited Edition Silver Ripple & Swirl Cork Wraps!

We've paired our Silver Ripple & Swirl beads on these limited edition black, wine and teal stitched cork wraps.  

Our gorgeous set of sterling silver Ripple & Swirl Beads are inspired strolling along sea shores with your feet sinking into the sand while the sea laps over your feet. The Silver Ripple Bead has a textured finish representing the 'ripple' formations created in sand as the waves or wind move over it. The Silver Swirl Bead is smooth and shiny representing the sea with its swirling, shimmering waves.

The cork is a piece of cord about 5mm in width and each piece will be entirely unique. These are completely adjustable and will come in 80cm that you can shorten to fit your ankle or wrist perfectly by tightening the knot at the end and trimming any excess.

All our cork products are organically grown and sustainably harvested in Portugal.