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Colourful glass bead made with blue, white, red, orange and yellow Murano glass. Representing  Shoreham-By-Sea in Sussex.



This beautiful glass bead has been inspired by Shoreham-By-Sea in Sussex.


Shoreham-By-Sea is a coastal town and port in West Sussex and lies between the city of Brighton and Hove and Worthing. The town is bordered by the South Downs to the North and Adur valley to the west. It is a vibrant town with both new developments and historical buildings. Shoreham beach sits next to the harbour and is a nature reserve; it is made up of shingle, rock, sand and wild flowers. It is a popular place for water sports and it is possible to surf at Shoreham.

Our striking Shoreham-By-Sea bead is made making a small base bead and then rolling it in a blend of frit, tiny shards of coloured glass. The frit colours of orange, red, yellow and blue represent the boats in the harbour and port. The bead is then encased in clear portraying the water and giving depth to the bead. A speciality glass is placed either side of the bead so it gives the effect of looking through a window.

Our Shoreham-By-Sea beads are made by Sarah in our studio in Braunton, North Devon.

We try our very best to keep the patterns on our beads as consistent as possible but due to the nature of each one being individually handmade, please except there to be variations in each bead...this is what makes your Nalu unique!