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Nalu 10th Anniversary

Nalu 10th Anniversary


This is our limited edition 10th anniversary Nalu Bead to celebrate 10 years of exploring, discovering and adventure.


We want to thank each and everyone of our wonderful customers who have supported us over the past 10 years. Thank you for inspiring us to continue to make beads for the beaches, surf spots, mountains and special places that mean so much to you and us! To celebrate we have made a very special 10th Anniversary Nalu Bead! We are going to make 100 of these beads and no more!

We wanted this bead to represent what Nalu is all about...the ocean. We decided on a special effect glass that would swirl, shimmer and create beautifully unique beads, each one different to the last. We wrapped this glass over a base bead of our favourite light teal, heat and swirl creating a gravity effect of shimmering depth within the bead.

Each one of these beads has been lovingly hand made in our studio in Braunton, North Devon and will be completely unique.