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Individual Sea Glass Spacer Beads

Individual Sea Glass Spacer Beads


Surf Jewellery and beautiful handmade murano glass beads that represent your favourite beach or surfspot - check out our collection at Nalu Beads now!


Pick and mix your favourite coloured spacers to match your Nalu beads! These spacer beads are made from Murano glass and have then been tumbled to give a frosted finish to the bead like pieces of sea glass tumbled by the waves before washing onto the shore.

These beads are approximately 14mm in diameter.

Available colours are :
OPAQUE : Yellow(out of stock), Orange, Turquoise, Light Grey, Dark Grey, Lapis (currently out of stock), Sand
TRANSPARENT : Clear, Aqua, Topaz (Brown), Green, Grey, Teal (currently out of stock)