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Pink Rubber & Silver Anklet

Pink Rubber & Silver Anklet


A silver and rubber carrier designed to attach to the Nalu Beads clasp and carry all designs of Nalu Beads.


This Pink Rubber and Silver Anklet carrier has been designed not only to work with our new collection of silver charms but also with our huge range of glass beads. At one end of our anklet carrier is a specially designed screw end, engraved with ’nalu’ and our swirl logo, that enables you to attach your selected beads, these can be left free hanging or secured by our Nalu stoppers to keep them in place. These silver and leather carriers come in a variety of sizes and have been designed to be attached with our Nalu Clasp (sold separately).

Due to the nature of the straps of these bracelets being glued into their ends, we only recommend a maximum of three beads to be worn at any one time. If you would like to wear more beads, we recommend choosing one of our silver chain bracelets instead.

This Anklet is 25cm in length.

Complete length when combined with clasp is 27cm.

Please note that this anklet needs to be fastened with the Nalu Clasp.

Please keep clean and check regularly for signs of wear and tear, Nalu cannot be held responsible for loss or damage of beads/bracelets/necklaces/anklets.