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Mint Cork & Silver Bracelet

Mint Cork & Silver Bracelet


A mint cork and silver bracelet Create your own beach charm bracelet with Nalu Beads' range of North Devon handmade glass beads and surf themed silver charms.


Cork as you've never seen it before!

We have sourced this beautiful cork from Portugal where it has been harvested from oak trees grown in an organic and sustainable process. Each piece of cork is entirely unique and the patterns will vary. This high quality cork is eco-friendly, vegan, very soft, flexible and durable. Although this cork is waterproof we do advise that you don't expose it to water to ensure the longevity of this natural material.

These bracelets are compatible with all our silver and glass beads and have been designed to fasten with our silver clasps (sold separately). Simply unscrew the end engraved with 'Nalu' to add your desired beads.

Due to the nature of the straps of these bracelets being glued into their ends, we only recommend a maximum of three beads to be worn at any one time. If you would like to wear more beads, we recommend choosing one of our silver chain bracelets instead.

These bracelets are available in 17cm, 19cm, 21cm but can also be made up to bespoke lengths, please email us for more information on this option.