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Kent Beach Collection

Inspired by the beaches, bays and scenery of the Kent coastline. Collect our handmade Murano glass beads to create keepsake jewellery.
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Beach-Inspired Jewellery

Explore our Collections Kent Beach Collection inspired by some of this counties most popular and beautiful beaches.

Each of our lamp work glass charm beads have been designed to represent the bays, cliffs, flora and fauna of Kent's coastline.

All of our Murano glass beads are handmade in our studio in North Devon.

Our glass beads are compatible with our collection of bracelets, bangles, necklaces and anklet carriers available in cork, rubber, silver, stainless steel and leather - so you can style your beads however you please.

We create beads to represent locations, icons and more that you use to make unique pieces of jewellery. Nalu's story is about collecting memories and keeping them close. 

Start your journey today and make your own story with Nalu!