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Sky Blue Cork Wrap

Sky Blue Cork Wrap


Sky Blue Cork strap designed to be worn as a wrap around bracelet or anklet. Build up your own surf style jewellery by adding glass beads from our surf and travel collection.


Our Cork Wrap is a length of flat stitched cork which has been sourced from Portugal where it is organically and sustainably grown and harvested. It can be cut to your desired length and worn as an anklet or bracelet and is compatible with most of our glass and silver beads. Wrap it round a couple of times or trim so it only goes round once...the choice is yours! Once you have decided on the length you want, pop your beads on and simply thread the end through the cut and knot to fasten.

The cork is 80cm in length, 4mm wide and 1.5mm thick. Available in green, navy, midnight, black, teal, turquoise, white, sky blue, grey and natural.

Please note that our silver tubes shaped beads (coastlines/county/wave) may not fit onto this wrap due to their shape.

Cork is a natural product and each piece will have it's own unique patterns. It is soft, durable and waterproof but we do advise that you don’t wear it in the shower/swimming/surfing or expose to perfumes or lotions, this will extend the longevity of this product.